Kyle Canton, Meds 2018

We long to behold beauty
The beating wings of the butterfly, soaring on the singing breeze
The plethora of petals in a field of flowers, made more luscious by the morning mist
The teaming tides of a secluded sea, cycling with incessant sighs

We yearn to connect our souls with splendour
The subtle sweep of light mixed with evening rain that reminds us to seek serenity
The gleam of glorious sky as our most faithful friend bids us farewell
The twinkling tears we call the stars, tethering us to the truth that to be human is to be small

With so many splendid sights upon which to feast
So many wonders waiting to be released
How dare we sit and stare inside
Bemoaning the fates our woes imply

The goal must be to open one’s eyes
To notice the petals, the lights, and the skies
To wash away the fear, pain, and chagrin
And to see also the beauty that lies within