Massey Hall

Shawn Katuwapitiya, Meds 2014

it’s human nature
to acclimatize to privilege.
on the inside,
the outside is distant.

we agonize over next test,
missed questions,
awkward moments,
lack of sleep,
lack of drive,
lack of movement.

our porcelain steps
so fragile,
we fall and break
too often.

we forget
the years spent in pursuit
of here.

years lined up
outside venues,
desperately searching for tickets,
taking heed of scalpers
named princeton and prep101,
our lives orbiting entry.

now we complain
about the price of drinks,
and the tall man ahead
sporadically obscuring vision,
the volume’s too loud,
these seats lack comfort,
this place is too warm,
we find issues in all.

mistaken fondness
on lives before the queue,
ignore the naive wandering
of aimless youth.

if i knew then
what i know now,
i would still be here.

if i felt now
what i felt then,
i would be happier in this place.

pushing staples into scalps,
manually obtaining stool,
holding breath and swabbing wounds,

to one day become a doctor.